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2014 LIMOGES - The Nantucket Mermaid

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We are proud to introduce the 2014 Nantucket Limoges!
This Limoges porcelain tabatiere, or tobacco box, is a reproduction of those popular French society in the middle of the XVIII Century. These tabatieres, small enough to be slipped into a man's pocket or a ladies' purse, were the most popular collectable of the day. Now, made in Limoges, France's historic porcelain center, these modern reproductions are still handmade and decorated by skilled craftsmen and are still being acquired by the knowledgable collector. 
The Nantucket Limoges Collection is a MUST for any lover of the island.  Each year we feature a brand new Limoges that reminds us of a Nantucket story, landmark or historical significance.
2014 brings us the Nantucket Mermaid with either blonde or brunette hair.  These island Mermaids sit atop a shell box which opens to reveal the beautiful and familiar scene of Brant Point Lighthouse. 
Inside the Limoges box you will find a bright and shiny new 2014 penny.  Tradition says we must throw a penny in the water as you pass by Brant Point Lighthouse on the ferry as you leave the island.  
The reason for throwing the penny varies by who you ask.  Some say that ensures a return to the island. Others say it provides good luck for a safe journey home. 
Make the Nantucket Mermaid "Part of Your World" by ordering here!