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Daffodil Festival is one of our favorite events here on Nantucket.  It marks the beginning of the season and everyone is so bright, cheery and, in a word, "Daffy!"  For every festival this year, Anderson's wants to feature one of our one-of-a-kind Rochard Nantucket Limoges'.  This month's featured Limoges follow the annual Daffodil Festival Parade from Main Street to 'Sconset.
First up is this Daffy colored Green and Yellow Woody Wagon complete with a surfboard posed on Nantucket's Main Street.  This Limoges reminds us of all the decked out antique cars that participate in the Daffy parade.
Photo by R.M.Photography
The parade starts in town and then travels to 'Sconset.  We love the cute cottages that dot the landscape of 'Sconset and therefore just adore this rose covered 'Sconset cottage Limoge
After the parade, Daffy enthusiasts participate in a grand picnic on the lawns of 'Sconset.  This Nantucket Picnic Basket Limoges comes complete with little plates, glasses and napkins. 
We hope you have a wonderful Daffy Weekend!  Take one of these Limoges home to always remember it!